Is your driveway overrun with too many cars? Are you tired of your classic car being exposed to the harsh winter conditions? Do you need a little extra space in your garage? Do you simply need a convenient place to store an extra car? Whatever your reasons, sometimes you need storage options for a vehicle. If you are looking into storage for your car, keep these basic tips in mind. These tips will help you have the most enjoyable experience possible as you store your car.

Differing Levels of Storage

Every type of car storage is different. In fact, there are many different levels of storage available each with different advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at a few of the available options and better evaluate how each works. Outside Car Storage: If you simply would like to move an extra car away from the driveway to somewhere else, outside storage may be just the option for you. Don’t expect anything fancy with outside storage. It quite simply is just a parking space where you can keep your car for extra space at home. Many choose this storage option as it is very affordable. Keep in mind that your computer will be exposed to the outdoors and all of the accompanying weather conditions including rain, sleet, snow and sunshine. To keep your car better protected, consider purchasing an all weather car cover to use while it is in storage. This will help your car looking its best while still allowing you to save money on your storage needs.

Indoor Storage/ No Climate Control: Another option is very similar to a traditional garage. You will simply drive your car into a storage parking space that has a door covering it. You can then lock up your car as well as the unit door. This style of car storage protects your vehicle from both the weather and the possibility of break in or damage. These are more expensive than outside storage options. Also bear in mind that since there is no climate control that it may get very hot or very cold inside the unit during certain times of the year. Indoor Storage/Climate Controlled: If you want to store your car in a cool and protected environment, this is the way to go. It tends to be very expensive and is usually only used by those with collectors or luxury vehicles. With this type of storage your car will be protected from any possibility but do plan on paying quite a bit for this service.

Importance of Maintenance

If you are storing your car, make sure that you still remember to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle. You should change your oil every 3-5 months even if it hasn’t been driven at all. This will help keep your car working well even while it is in storage. If you have a car you aren’t using, you may want to consider car storage to free up some space in your driveway or garage. Determine your needs and then call several places for pricing quotes. This will help you get the best price available. Make sure you are always comparing similar storage options to ensure that your price comparison is accurate.

How to Best Protect Cars From the Elements

Purchasing a car is one of the most major financial decisions many people will make. While insurance and safe driving will help look after your investment, it is also important to consider other unplanned or unthought of dangers to one’s vehicle, such as the weather. A range of car protection products are available on the market, including protective canopies.


Car garages are great protectors of cars. If one is fortunate enough to have a garage at home, then it is worth making use of it. Often made of brick, garages should usually ward off all types of storms. Unfortunately for cars, garages often become part of a house. This can mean they get turned into storage areas, or convenient workshops for repairs or woodworking. They might even become a spare bedroom. Some houses are equipped with double or even triple garages. These multi car storage areas might be able to house a whole family’s cars. If just a single garage is in existence, large families (particularly with grown, driving children) may need to park some cars outside, where they are exposed. Garages have the benefit of also being able to be locked up, therefore protecting not just against the elements, but also would be thieves or vandals.

Car Cover

Not in the same league as a garage, a c3 corvette car cover provides some minimal protection for a vehicle. Made of flexible material, they can easily be thrown over a car in a minute, with elastic edging helping to snugly attach the cover to the car. Car covers are good at combating leaves and twigs that might be moved around by wind. These items can leave stains and marks on a car’s paintwork. Any weather event more forceful than a bit of wind is not going to be deterred by a car cover though. A car in the open is still at the mercy of any falling branches, and larger debris. Car covers do provide some sun protection.

Car Port

Car Ports are an intermediate type solution for protection from the weather. They do provide a good amount of shade, and catch quite a bit of debris like leaves and twigs before they land on one’s car. Most are not self enclosing though, meaning that debris can still hit a car from side angles. They are much more effective at protecting a car during hailstorms, but are not foolproof if the sides are not enclosed.

Car Canopies

Canopies are another solution for car protection. Manufacturers can often tailor a solution based on the level of protection one feels is necessary, taking into consideration the usual weather patterns of a certain area. Those that are hoisted up with a simple sail type canopy above may do a similar job to a car port, but in a more aesthetically pleasing way. More advanced structures will feature enclosed netting, keeping most intruding matter out, whilst also providing sun protection. Flat netting can provide some hail protection. Netting with a pitched roof design can more effectively combat heavier hail storms by deflecting hail and not sagging under its weight. As we can see, a range of car protection options are available to vehicle owners. Each have their own relative merits. Garages are very solid in weather protection. Car ports are a more budget option. Car covers are very economical, but provide limited security. Car canopies that use bird netting technology provide innovative solutions that are quite robust in an outdoor setting.

How Do You Choose Between a Noah Car Cover And a Covercraft? And What Is the Real Significance?

They have produce some marvelous materials. They boast that they have a something for everyone no matter what year make or model, or climate they live in. The fabric is three-layered, made from bi-component fibers, something unique alone. The middle layer, is made of a micro-porous film, which enables the paint work to be able to breath. This is sandwiched between an inner layer, made of a tough nylon core together with polypropylene, and the outer layer which is made of polypropylene. Be it rain, sleet, or snow, wind or sun, the Noah will keep the car fully protected. Since the car cover is made of three layers, they are sturdy enough to withstand the wind etc, and prevent the body from becoming scratched and knocked in the process. Very often, the vehicle get little nicks and dings after a windy night due to the numerous bit of rubble that get swept up in the wind and are flying around. That’s why the car covers are so good. They absorb all of these knocks without the exterior feeling a thing. They are specifically made to prevent the growth of mildew, and decay, even whilst damp. They are compact and easy to store. They can travel in the corner of the car’s trunk, ready for it’s needed next, without being too space consuming, and bulky. As with all craft’s products, this one is custom made. It will fit the body to the T. This maximizes the protection provided as there is no room for any bits of dust, rain etc to ‘leak in’, and the extra material will not flap about wildly To make it easier to put on and take of the front and rear end are elasticated.

The Most Practical Way to Preserve Your Car

It is known that the outdoors is not the safest place for your car. If it rains then the acid eats at the car’s paint work. If it snows, it freezes over, and the brakes get ruined. If it hails, the exterior gets scratched. If it’s sunny, the UV rays fade the finish. If it’s windy, the car gets knocked and scratched. Whatever the weather, you just don’t seem to win. Practically, it is usually not feasible to store your car in a garage. Aside from the huge expense of building one, where do you have the space for one? So you need to find another plan that will help you keep you car looking good, and healthy, even through all the weather conditions. You must of heard of Covercraft; it is famous for providing the public with high quality car covers. Noah is a special of their as it is an all-weather-cover. The Noah cover is three layered, made from bi-component fibres. Working from out to in, first is a layer of polypropylene, that is soft, yet uv resistant. As stated, the cover is breathable. This gives the car a chance to sweat, without it becoming steamed up and mouldy. This does not in any way compromise on the high level of waterproofing. Having three layers ensures that the cover is sturdy enough to cushion and shield the car from any types of bashes it may get that will scratch and or dent the exterior. Noah is compact and easy to use. When the cover is not in use, it can be folded up nice and neatly, in the corner of the trunk, without being too bulky and space consuming. This way, you can take it with you wherever you travel, and always have the protection you need. Noah comes in the custom size, so it will fit your car like glove. The cover will be nice and snug against the car, maximising the protection you give it.

Noah Covers Withstand All Weather Conditions

When buying a Noah cover from Covercraft, you can be rest assured that you have the best. To begin with, Covercraft is one of the top manufacturing companies of car covers, or any type of vehicle covers for that matter. Noah is just one of the many types of covers that Covercraft manufacture. Covercraft have a wide range of covers because they appreciate the fact that just as no too people are the same, no two climates are the same.

The Noah car cover is one of their ‘all-rounder’ types of car covers. It is a cover that will protect your car in all weather conditions, just as so many years ago Noah did to all the animals. The cover is composed of three layers of bi-component fibres, and various different materials closely sheathed together. The inner-most layer is made from polypropylene, together with a tough nylon core to fully protect the car. At the same time though, the cover remains water resistant. The last, outer layer is polypropylene that is totally weather resistant, including filtering the ultra violet rays. All in all, the Noah cover will make sure that whilst it covers your car, your car will remain bone dry as rain, sleet and snow are all denied access. Owing to the fact that the Noah cover is three layers thick, it is somewhat bulkier than most other covers. This is not without reason. Noah will be able to absorb the impact without leaving a mark on the car itself. The Noah cover is a custom one, meaning, that it is made to measure for every customer and his car. This way it will fit the car like a glove, be nice and snug, maximizing the protection offered. Custom covers always look the most sleek and classy due to the superior cut and fit.